Directions For Tomorrow

by Suede Jury

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On the eve of this alleged end of days, I can't honestly say I am worried about the future; at least not due to the Mayan calendar, anyway. It does, however, serve to remind me/you/us that every day is a new beginning & the most unsure thing in life is life itself. It is with this sense of acknowledgement that I present to you "Directions For Tomorrow". Here you will find a 12-track multi-layered monologue of thoughts in various states of completion & polish. It is my hope that I can share the final versions of these sketches with you in the future.

The cover features drawings from Nikola Tesla's patent of coils for electro magnets (1894). Tesla was a visual thinker, poet & innovator whose thoughts set a foundation for the world beyond his time, and is a great inspiration to me.

Here's to the alternating current, here's to going against the grain, here's to cultural impact, & loving the details. Here is...

"Directions For Tomorrow".




released December 20, 2012

All Tracks Produced By Suede Jury, except "Sistine Chapel Ceiling", produced by Ohbliv.

"Chuck Sings The Bushwiccan Blues" features vocals & guitar by Clark Waughbly of Bushwiccan. Tambourine and shaker played by Cedar Apffel. Mixed by Cedar Apffel.



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Suede Jury Brooklyn, New York

Design-minded Brooklyn native Suede Jury intricately weaves all forms of poetry into his music. Every line is carefully crafted to convey a message, image, or concept — delivered w/ his signature bass-heavy tone & multi-syllabic stutter-step. He draws influence from the early '90s, arthouse films, Africa, women, coming of age in BK, & touches on themes of personal triumph & the human condition. ... more

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Track Name: Chuck Sings The Bushwiccan Blues
"It's getting more unbearable every day..."
Track Name: Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Underpainting)
"All I'm rockin is black & gold
Or the military palette: tres apropos
the way I'm battlin jinns &...tackling souls.
Cannons blow like candles. I'm not sorry, it's Human Nature
to be a cannibal as preservation, that's a "known known".
My Rumsfeld hell holds you captive
and when I spit a moral story, they tell me I'm actin old, so...
Allow me to be your passionate predecessor for a moment;
I'll be your relic but never crack a bone..."